Permits & Information

Applications and Permits/Driveways

Gravel Driveway Permit           Township

Randal Hessling – Oliver, Colfax, Verona, Grant, Sheridan, Bingham

Rich Koroleski – Port Austin, Hume, Dwight, Huron, Gore, Meade, Lincoln

Bruce Holdwick – Bloomfield, Rubicon, Sigel, Paris, Sand Beach, Sherman

Matt Ricker – Caseville, Lake, McKinley, Chandler, Fairhaven, Winsor, Sebewaing, Brookfield

Asphalt/Concrete Driveway Permit

Jeremy Navock (989) 269-6404

Application for Ditch Improvement

Kelly Southworth (989) 269-6404

Moving Permits

Utility Permit/Annual Permit/Site Specific Permit

Jeremy Navock, Permit Agent (989) 269-6404

Mail: Huron County Road Commission

       417 South Hanselman Street

       Bad Axe, MI  48413

Fax: (989) 269-8491


No Spray Request – Parallel and Adjacent to a County Road

No Spray Request – NOT Parallel and Adjacent to a County Road

Kevin Arndt (989) 269-6404