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Neal Hentschl, Secretary-Manager                                                   nhentschl@comcast.net


Gary Osminski, P.E. County Highway Engineer                                 gmohcrc@yahoo.com
Deputy DrainCommissioner                                                                                                          


Steven J. Watson, CPA Finance Director                                          SWatson@hcroads.com


Robert Thiel, Supt. of Roads                                                          BThiel@hcroads.com


Tom Donnellon, Supt. of Operations                                              TDonnellon@hcroads.com


Ron Bowers, Equipment Supt.                                                       RBowers@hcroads.com


Larry Weber, Weigh master, Asphalt Supt.                                     LWeber@hcroads.com


Scott McIntyre, Traffic Safety Specialist                                         SMcintyre@hcroads.com


Steve Kanaski, Survey Technician                                                 SKanaski@hcroads.com


Dave Kociba, Drain Inspector                                                        DKociba@hcroads.com


Kristie Koroleski, Drain Clerk                                                         KKoroleski@hcroads.com


Sue Krozek, Accounting Dept.                                                       SKrozek@hcroads.com


Marcia Bowers, Accounting Dept.                                                  MBowers@hcroads.com


Katie Bambach, Accounting Dept.                                                 KBambach@hcroads.com


Laura Michalski, Parks                                                                 LMichalski@hcroads.com